Calender of Events

City Club of Florence meets on the first Thursday of the month

12:00 PM

Ocean Dunes Golf Course Club House

3345 Munsel lake Rd.

City Club Featured Speaker August 1st

Betty Johnson: Of Siuslaw Pioneer Museum’s Heritage Players &

Sandi Zinn: Museum Library Volunteer

Their topic is “The Underpinnings of Old Florence” Presenting life and times of the old Florence whom they portray a typical lady’s dress of the 1890s right down to that closest to the skin.

The Speakers are chosen based on topics of interest to our coastal communities.

The audience is encouraged to bring questions and voice their opinions.

City Club of Florence features speakers from a variety of professions every first Thursday of the month at 12:00 noon.

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“City Club of Florence” the following Saturday at 9:00 am and every Saturday for the month

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City Club features speakers from a variety of professions such as

Near & Onshore Marine Biologist Dr. Cynthia Trowbridge

Coast Range [Forestry] Assn, Director Chuck Willer

Opinion surveying in Oregon, Tom Bowerman

Alternative Radio’s David Barsamian of Colorado

and many others. Check out our Past Event Archive for past speakers .