2011 Events

Jan 07

Jeff Davis

Siuslaw Schools

Jan 21

Healthcare – Archimedes Mvmt

Feb 04

Martin Callery

Port of Coos Bay

Local Railroad,

Feb 18

Lane Co Econ/Finance

(Lottery dollars for area projects)

March 04

George Ehlers

County Waste water pro

March 18

Ralph Christensen

Dunal Aquifers

April 01

John Carnahan

Ambulance Dst Tax Levy

April 15

School Board candidates

May 06

Central Lincoln PUD

Energy of the future

May 20

Lane Commumity College


June 03

Robin Sullivan

“Building on Dunal Sands,”

June 17

“Crossings” by Judy Fleagle

July 06

Paul Davies

Wave Energy, “Smart Energy”

July 15

Mary Jeanne Kuhar

Lane Commumity College


Sept 11

Dr. Jerry Wasserburg,

“Religion of Science & Understanding the Universe “

Sept 23

Energy Development

“Ocean Wave”

Oct 07

Craig McMicken

Heceta Head Coastal Conf

Oct 21

Jerry Copeland

Recividism (prisons)

Nov 04

Frank Nulty

“Surviving after Catastrophe,”

Nov 28

local Bill Stotz

“Birds I Have Known,”

Dec 02

Dave Crabtree

Radiation from Cellphones

Dec 16

Ethyl Angal Dir/Spec Programs

Siuslaw 97J