2014 Events

January 03

Bob Welch : Columnist The Register Guard

January 17

Rick North

Advocate, PSR

February 07

Rick Yecny


February 21

Shawn Wiencek

Supt. 97J

March 07

Judge Brissenden

March 21

Ned Hixon

April 04

Ann Caples


April 18

Cal Applebee

Florence Area Chamber of Commerce

May 02

Volunteers in

Medicine & the ACA

May 16

David Armstrong

Internet for Seniors

June 20

Ken Gaylord

On Habitat for Humanity

July 6

Cal Applebee

Chamber of Commerce

July 18

Ernie Doud

SEAcoast Entertainment

August 1

Florence Regional Art Alliance

August 15

Tom Grove

On Banking Regulation

September 5

Robert Forsythe

Siuslaw Port Authority Manager

September 19

John Getz and Anna Moore

On Mushrooms

October 3

Florence Candidates for Mayor

October 17


November 7

Bob DuBose

Retired Director of Arms Control

November 21

Bob Welch Retired Columnist The Register Guard

December 5

Ernie Doud