2016 Events

January 15

Jim Langborg

Florence Fire Chief

February 5

Bob Welch

The Power of Story in a world That Has OD'd on Information

February 19

Joe Henry Mayor of Florence

Economic Development

March 4

Jody McCaffree

Jordon Cove Project in Coos Bay

April 1

Joshua Greene, Harlen Springer, Susan Tive

City Public Art Committee

May 6

Ethel Angal Siuslaw School District Superintendent

Siuslaw School District Bond Measure

June 3

Kevin Mittge

Florence Library Genealogy

July 1

Russ Pierson

The Siuslaw Region A Vision for 2025

Spet 2

Frank Nulty

Are you ready

Disaster Preparation

Oct 7

Marsha Sills

New Continuing Ed Coordinator for L.L.C.

Nov 4

Mack Holman

Tsunami Gallery Owner

Dec 2

Kelli Weese Economic Development Coordinator

City Volunteer Opportunities