2018 Events

January 5 : Ned Hickson

The Role of Small Town Newspapers

February 2 : Mayor Joe Henry

State of the City

March 2

Marianne Brisbane

Entrepreneurship in Florence, OR.

April 6

Jay Bozievich & Leonora Kent

Forum for Lane County Commissioner

May 4 : Dorcas Smucker

The Register-Guard Columnist

June 8 : Dr. Shearer

Peace Health - Opioids Crisis

July 13

Professor Mel Gurtov

Prospect of War with

Iran and North Korea

September 7

Harlan Springer

Update on Public Art Committee

October 5 : School Bond Issue

Russ Pierson or Suzanne Mann Heintz

November 2 : Bob Welch

The Wizard of Fox: Dick Fosbury's

One Man High Jump Revolution

December 7 : David Lauria

The Magic of Play Production from Start to Finish